How to Match Shirt and Tie Stylishly

Before, many believed that when you had a tie and a shirt with the same color, you can pull a stylish look. However, the times have changed and colors are not the only ones that you should look at. There are the patterns and the designs of the shirts and ties. When you need to learn how to match shirt and tie, you will need to bear in mind a few guidelines. Since there are now some things that you should consider before deciding to wear something, this makes things a little but complicated for men but you can always find a solution when you know the basics

If you want to know how to match shirt and tie successfully, the first step is to not be intimidated with the patterns. This is also the same when you match suit and tie. Although there are really bold designs on eh ties, shirts and suits today, you should be confident in selecting the right one for you. When wearing a striped shirt, you will need to remember a very simple rule here: make sure that the shirt and tie have the same stripes but not with the size. To become more convinced, a single color from the tie should match the jacket, the belt or the shoes that you are wearing.

Now, tie and shirt patterns should be coordinated as well. When you have a shirt that is solid colored, you do not have to think about the same exact color for the tie to match it. Actually this is not a necessity but the colors of the pattern should complement the shirt so that the pairing will look professional. Now, if you have decided to wear something white, do not be afraid to wear anything. This is because anything goes well with white. If you have bold, thick and bright designs, you can match it with your white shirt. This is a great opportunity to display what you have got in your wardrobe without worrying that you have failed in mixing and matching.

On the other hand, if you have a plaid shirt, you should definitely put on a solid tie. Try to pick a solid tie with a color that is found in one of the plaid’s shades. They will go well with each other when you look into the mirror. If you want to avoid the normal look, you can always think out of the box. Here, you can have a shirt with a bold color and a tie with patterns. As a tip, you have to ensure that you have not chosen a suit, shirt and a tie that have the same patterns. Instead of making you look professional, this look can be overwhelming, messy and focused on the patterns.

As you learn how to match shirt and tie through experience, you will be able to successfully discern which look is the right one for you. The most important thing that you should remember is to have fun while mixing and matching your shirts and your ties in your wardrobe.