Tailor Made Jean Shirts and Jackets

Customized jeans shirts are probably the most relaxed key pieces of this spring season. Tailored jeans shirts, oversized or in boyfriend look – a denim top is absolutely trendy.

A jean shirt is simple, but multifaceted and suitable for many situations. Styling fantasies of this season have practically no limits! You can wear your jean shirts together with ruff skirts and wide belts (for example, by D&G) to make this jean top look feminine and romantic. To create a more decent look combine personalized jean shirts with bleached patchwork models. Maritime elements and simple wooden accessories make your relaxed styling look elegant. For going out in the evening you can complete your look with glossy XXL-accessories.

Brave fashion-lovers nowadays wear jean shirts in combination with brutal-looking cowboy boots. Those who prefer a more elegant look can choose a safari outfit with khaki colored chino-pants and accessories in soil tones. A blazer, a status-bag and shoes with high heels in dark caramel will complete your look.

Made to measure jean jackets definitely belong to the most popular jackets among both men and women. The classical jacket is timelessly chic, robust and easy to take care of, besides, it is probably the perfect jacket for summer.

Bleached jean jackets suit especially young people. As a matter of fact, jackets were a fashion trend of the 1980s. However, in contradiction to other fashion occurrences designer jean jacket could establish itself on the market for good and even today it is worn by children, women and men in every season.

But what makes jackets so special? First of all, the material of course. Famous Getwear’s custom denim belongs to the most popular fabrics of the fashion industry for ages. The special type of cotton named denim with a typical blue color is extremely durable and solid. That is why are suitable both for work and leisure, because they are both practical and flexible. High quality jeans cloth preserves its form and color for many years. Another reason for timelessness of jackets is their omnitude: depending on their cut, accessories and color custom jean jackets can look naive, figure-flattering and feminine, or cool and masculine. Besides, there are models that are universal and thus can be worn by both men and women.

Generally jean jackets are clothes with buttons of the corresponding design. High quality jean jackets manufactured by well-established brands can cost a fortune, but promise good quality, are long-lasting and present first class comfort of wear. However, in low price segment you can also find a wide range of good jean jackets. For custom design jacket is a jacket for every one.